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Canoe Tripping  2

Pre-requisites for the course as set by ORCA:
 1. ORCA Canoe Tripping Level 1, Lakewater Level 1A, Moving  Water Level 1A, equivalent certification, or comparable skills and experience (with the permission of the Course Director).  *note* these skills will also be covered on the course
 2. At least 25 nights of wilderness tripping experience; wilderness canoe tripping distances totaling 500 km or less as mandated by the provincial/territorial affiliate association.
 3. At least 6 canoe trips in which the candidate was responsible for some of the organization.
 4. At least one wilderness canoe trip of 5 days or more.
IN ADDITION, it is highly recommended:
 5. That you have your NLS.
 6. That you be 18.
Safety Theory Skills
  • review of previous safety items
  • swimming and treading water
  • retrieving a swamped canoe
  • canoe over canoe rescue
  • line toss
  • communications
  • swimming in rapids
  • AR from a canoe
  • canoe heritage
  • canoe design and construction
  • canoe resources
  • canoe history
  • canoe repair and maintenance
  • wilderness first-aid
  • weather interpretation
  • trip planning and reporting and assessment
  • trip leadership
  • risk management
  • crisis management
  • portaging
  • lining, tracking, and wading
  • food and menu planning
  • navigation
  • knots, hitches, and lashing
  • canoe trip

Being able to successfully paddle a canoe in the Canadian wilderness requires a number of skills which include management and care of equipment and the environment.

The course will be a over a week in length incorporating  ~89 hours of instruction covering the material of Moving Water 1a, Lakewater 1a, in which participants may be certified upon completion of the course
.  We will also spend time on different aspects of Wilderness and Remote First-Aid, but this is not a WRFA certification course unless otherwise stated.

 CTII provides the experienced canoe tripper with the opportunity to improve their skills under more challenging conditions.  The course takes place on a trip stressing organization, safety,  leadership, and risk and crisis management.  Each participant will be required to provide and prepare food for all participants for one day of our trip.

See chart on Standards page or CT2 Outline for overlapping topics and other details on CT, MW, and LW.

canoe tripping, moving water, river rescue...

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March 4, 2007.