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Basic Canoe 

The Basic Level is designed to introduce the novice or relatively inexperienced canoeist to paddling. The emphasis is on mastering the fundamentals of canoeing along with a strong grounding in water safety and safe canoeing practices... that said, it is a great opportunity for even an avid canoeist to improve skills. 

With the time lines on these courses, I would welcome an evening course!  If you are an avid paddler, 5-9pm could complete your Basic Level C.

There are no canoeing prerequisites for Basic Level.

Basic (A, B, C and D combined into one course) - 16 hours
Basic A, Flatwater B or Flatwater C (each course, done individually) - 4 hours
Basic Tandem (A, B and C combined into one course) - 10 hours
Basic Solo (D) - 6 hours


  • Swimming and treading water
  • Retrieving a swamped canoe
  • Canoe over canoe rescue
  • Reentering canoe


  • Selection of equipment
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Equipment care
  • Government regulations
  • Safe canoeing procedures
  • Outdoor precautions
  • Environmental awareness
  • Windy weather precautions
  • Canoeing history


  • Launching and removing canoe
  • Entering and exiting canoe
  • Paddling positions and trimming
  • Balancing
  • Changing positions
  • Pivots
  • Sideward displacement
  • Forward straight line
  • Inside and outside turns
  • Inside and outside circles
  • Stopping
  • Inside and outside landings
  • Reverse straight line
  • Lifts and carries
  • Transporting canoe on vehicle
  • Canoe tour

*Basic Canoeing is the old Flatwater level that was formerly called the Basic Level... full circle.
After the Basic Level, is the Canadian Style Paddling level which enters another level of finesse.

Get ready for Adventure!

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February 2012.