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Basic Canoe  Instructor

The purpose of the Basic Canoe Instructor course is to provide a provincial and national certification of competence in the instruction and administration of Basic Canoe Level courses.


At least 16 years of age at the time of the Basic Canoe Instructor Course.

ORCKA Flatwater Level, ORCKA Flatwater Tandem and Solo or ORCKA Flatwater A, B, C, and D; equivalent certification; or comparable skills and experience (with the permission of the Course Director).

It is strongly recommended that all Flatwater Instructors have, in addition to their canoeing qualifications, some qualifications in Swimming, First Aid and CPR.*

Minimum Course Length
48 hours

last 2 weekends of April 2012


  • Safety Review
  • Swimming and treading water
  • Artificial respiration
  • Retrieving a swamped canoe
  • Canoe over canoe rescue
  • Reaching assist and throwline


  • Theory review
  • Canoeing heritage
  • Selection and care of equipment
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Canoe design and construction
  • Canoeing dynamics
  • Canoeing first aid
  • Canoeing resources


Canoeing Skills (tandem and solo)

  • Skills review
  • Pivots
  • Sideward displacement
  • Circles
  • Reverse and forward straight lines
  • Landings
  • Triangular course in windy weather

Teaching Skills

  • Preparation for teaching
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Evaluation

*All First-Aid courses include CPR as part of the program.

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