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Coureurs des
Out There's Leadership Training Program
age 16-17 (high school students)

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Coureurs des Bois—Is our leadership training program.  As we pursue excellence,sky leadership is a key.  We seek to not only have certified staff, but qualified staff, and that can only happen with time in the canoe on the water.  Our CB program is a full summer commitment.  Almost the moment CBs arrive at camp the learning will begin.  We will pack, and then we will go on our trip which will be a combination of travel and teaching.  Upon return to camp, CBs will have at least one placement, and will help with the behind the scenes of the program.  At the end of the summer the CBs will be invited to join the OT staff on a 3 day staff trip.

Vision of the CB Program: To develop leaders who will be challenged in their faith, and their perspectives on life and rise to those challenges and engage life both at camp and back home in church and school.

OT mission: Out There is IAWAH’s wilderness adventure program.  We seek to challenge students/campers’ body, mind and spirit, to become more like Jesus.  We do this through wilderness canoe trips with highly trained staff who are in relationship with God and have a love for kids.

If this is music to your ears, then the Coureurs des Bois program might be for you!

Program Objectives

Hard Skills
When it is about doing!

Soft Skills
When it is about ‘being’!


Participants should receive their
  •  ORCKA Moving Water 1a
  •  ORCKA Flatwater D  & Lakewater 1a
  • ORCKA Canoe Tripping 1
We will also cover the basics of river rescue.


Some topics:
  •  Camper One-on-one
  •  Conflict resolution
  •  Teaching Theory
  •  Group Dynamics
  • Philosophy of leadership
  •  Leadership styles
  •  Taking Responsibility
  •  Team Building
  •  Servant Leadership
  •  Solitude
  •  Leading a Small Group
  •  Who are you – a look at body image
  •  Dating Game – Really?
  •  Confidentiality, when to speak an when to hold your tongue.

What do we believe, we will cover such topics as:
  •  World Views
  •  Creation
  •  Old Testament Survey
  •  New Testament Survey
  •  Jesus
  •  Sin
  •  Salvation
  •  End Times





The CB program will consist of a 3 week trip some of which will be physically gruelling.  We  hope too that the OT trips will be a stretch even for our staff.

As iron sharpens iron we will challenge one another. We will read some books and will take time to personally reflect on the content, and to collectively engage.  We will look at world views and how they impact our lives.

We will study one gospel, an epsitle and some Old Testament books while on trip and engage them individually and in small group Bible Study.

We will take an overview look at the basics of our faith.

We will also have a time of solitude on the CB trip to allow the Holy Spirit to help us put it all together.

Program outline
July x arrive at camp – over view of program
July x prepare for trip
July x depart for trip
July x return to camp 
July xday off or start first placement
July x and beyond working at camp or on placement.
Last week of August - staff trip and program debrief/evaluation.

There will be on-going feedback throughout the CB program.  It will be a bit like school in that respect, but way more fun!  At the end of the program it is our goal that all participants will be given a letter of recommendation on their success of the program, and referral to junior OT staff in 2008.

seeking to challenge body, mind and spirit

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January 28, 2009.