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Out There is IAWAH’s wilderness adventure program.  We seek to challenge campers in body, mind, spirit, to become more like Jesus1.  We do this through wilderness canoe trips with highly trained staff who are in relationship with God and have a love for kids.

OT3 groupTripping creates an opportunity for campers to interact with God and get to know Him better, and in the process get to know themselves better.

Trip groups are made up of 6-8 campers, and 3 staff.

There is room to grow up through the Out There program.

We have made some changes to the program,  starting with names, and then combining Out There 1 and 2.  Or program now reflects entry level, junior high, and high school ages.

Discovery 10-12 years
Explorer 12-14 years
Venture 14-17 years
Challenge 14-17 years
Coureurs des Bois 16-17 years

Our history: 

Out There started at Camp IAWAH in 2002 with 2 trips with junior high kids.  The program has steadily grown each year with new ideas and new adventures.

2003—high school trip: OT3
          student lead trip on OT1
2006 Squish
2007 Coureur des Bois
          Voyageur canoe trips
          Algonquin Traverse

All are welcome in all programs, no previous experience required.
1The first commandment is this, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength, and the second is this, Love your neigbour as yourself.  For this second commandment, check out the Urban Coalition

2Old Names - New Names
  •    Squish: Discovery
  •    Out There 1: Explorer
  •    Out There 2: Explorer
  •    Out There 3: Venture
  •    Out There 4: Challenge

seeking to challenge body, mind and spirit

camp iawah
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