Camp IAWAH's Wilderness Adventure Program

camp iawah


Ot Packing LIst
This all has to fit in 30L.

O socks (3pr... wool is good!) 
O 1 T-shirt  
O underwear  
O shorts/swim suit
O pants (not jeans!) 
O towel    
O Windshell/Gore-tex jacket/raincoat
O sweater (fleece or wool are good)
O long sleeve t shirt/turtle neck
O long johns  
O toque   
O sunscreen
O sun hat
O long sleeve dress shirt (1)
O lip balm
O toothbrush
O bug repellant
O bug hat (2)
O  sandals
O closed toed shoes (3)
O small flashlight
O sleeping bag
O therm-a-rest or sleeping pad
O camera (7) & film

 clothes toiletries
O A bag of clean clothes for the ride home.
O Money for snack for the ride home.... 

*All your stuff for the trip needs to fit in a 30L bag... including your sleeping bag.


1. A long sleeve dress shirt is great protection from the sun!  They are cool and you are not putting chemical on your body.  If you do not have an old shirt, or your dad doesn't, go to a second hand shop and they are about $3.00.
2. Optional
3. Closed toed shoes (CTSs) must be worn while on the river, while scouting rapids, paddling rapids or swimming rapids.  CTSs must be worn while portaging.  CTSs must be worn around the fire.... forget the sandals, and just bring dry shoes, and wet shoes.  Watersocks are not closed toed shoes.  Running shoes are closed toed shoes.  Neoprene booties, are not shoes, running shoes are shoes. 
4.  It is a good idea to avoid cotton because if cotton gets wet it has a tendency to stay wet and will 'wick' away the heat from your body.
5.  If there is any equipment which you need and can not get access to, let us know and we will see if we can get a hold of it for you.  We do have some extra equipment.
6.  Is there any gear you are bringing that we should be aware of?
7.  If buying a disposible camera, buy a waterproof one!

seeking to challenge body, mind and spirit

camp iawah
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February 25, 2007.