Camp IAWAH's Wilderness Adventure Program

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High school students

Venture 1 - July 19 - 25
Petawawa River

Venture 2 -
August 9 - 15

Sunday afternoon we go through the final packing of people's gear, getting it all to fit in 30L, and going through our trip gear to make sure it all works, we head up for dinner.

After supper we head out on the water and go through the ORCKA Safe Canoe Program which covers basic canoe and rescue skills which we will need for our trip, including canoe over canoe rescues.

Venture 1 - Petawawa
The Pet is a classic river in Eastern Canada.  There is a mix of lakes, rapids and a spectular cliff for a day hike.  We have seen ducks and geese on the Pet, and we have even seen some moose.  The Pet drains the Eastern half of Algonquin Park.  Join a group of other adventurers on the Pet in Algonquin.

Venture 2 - Noire
The Noire has a beach on ever corner, and there are plenty of rapids for some thrills too!  The Noire is one of three main rivers draining western Quebec into the Ottawa River.  There is the Dumoine to the north, and Coulonge to the South.   Join us for a trip down the "Black River" in West Quebec.  Oui!

With many of our programs if you are interested in ORCKA Flatwater certification, A,B,C or D, let our staff know ahead of time that we can prepare for that.

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camp iawah
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January 28, 2009.