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Moving Water  1

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Moving water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet!  It is also a fun medium to play in!  We will be learning to work with the river instead of fighting against it.  Moving Water Level 1 provides an introduction to whitewater paddling for those with little or no experience in whitewater.  There is an emphasis on understanding moving water principles and safety.

For fun and excitement and an opportunity to meet some new friends come on out and enjoy the river and each other!

ORCA Flatwater Level, equivalent certification, or comparable skills and experience (with the permission of the Course Director).

  • Swimming a rapid
  • Retrieving a swamped canoe
  • Canoe over canoe rescue
  • Self rescue
  • Line toss and rescue
  • Communications
  • Canoeing heritage
  • Canoe design and construction
  • Canoe outfitting
  • Moving water principles
  • River reading
  • Trip planning
  • Canoeing first aid
  • Canoeing resources
  • Entering and exiting canoe
  • Landing
  • Eddy out
  • Peel out
  • S turn
  • Front ferry
  • Back ferry
  • Side slip
  • Front surf
  • Side surf (solo only)
  • Portaging
  • Lining, tracking and wading

5 Boats/instructor

Level 1a is tandem, and 1b is solo.

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February 2012.