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Moving Water


The course begins with a review of flatwater skills either on location unless there is an opportunity to gather before to do the refresher.

After a review of flatwater skills, we move to river safety.  Communications, proper use of throwbags, throwing, cathcing and stuffing and self rescue.

Theory is covered while getting ready at put-in, around the fire, and when things come up.

Once the basics of safety and theory are covered we spend the rest of out time together on skill development starting with the easy and moving to the more complex.

All courses are geared to the student and what they would like to focus on.  All topics will be covered some in more detail than others.

There is not a specific outline as we are flexible and are usually forced to adapt to our environment.

Get ready for Adventure!

canoe tripping, moving water, river rescue...

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March 4, 2007.