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River  Rescue 

RIVER RESCUE is no longer offered as an ORCKA program. 
If you, or your group is interested in a weekend tutorial let us know.

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After a Moving Water course, people are usually curious about a River Rescue Clinic.  With some  knowledge of the river comes the desire for more knowledge and more practice in River Rescue techniques.  That is precisely what this 2 days of instruction over a weekend is, a basic to intermediate, river rescue course from a canoe tripping perspective, to gear you up for your next trip.

Moving Water 1a
Course Content:
Safety Theory Skills
  • defensive swimming in current,
  • aggressive swimming in current,
  • canoe over canoe rescues,
  • outfitting boats for whitewater,
  • personal and group safety,
  • organizing and leading whitewater trips,
  • rating the difficulty of whitewater,
  • rescue hierarchy,
  • rescue organization
  • knots and ropes
  • self rescue techniques
  • shore based rescue techniques
  • boat based/assisted rescue techniques
  • in water rescue techniques
  • boat recovery techniques... actual wrapped canoes and Z-drags!
We pin canoes which actually need a Z-drag to extricate as part of our course....
 and sometimes pins become wraps!

For more advanced and technical training a Swiftwater Rescue Technician -1 (WRT-1) course would be recommended.

canoe tripping,
                moving water, river rescue...

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April 2014.