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Steve Tripp

Steve has a ministry philosophy of camp-campus-community-church.  A wholistic way to reach into our world.  In a river rescue analogy, the world is going down stream and to be of any help one must swim to shore, anchor themselves and throw the throwbag.

As mentioned below and in the side bar, Steve is a program director at a camp, but with respect to the Urban Coalition... the urban story.

Steve has been working on urban projects for a number of years.  He first started out working with Inter-School Christian Fellowship in Halton, but wanted to expose kids to service and social action from a Christian perspective.  In 1996 he set up an inner city mission trip for high school students in Montreal volunteering with a number of different missions.  As the March Break mission project continued to grow, a further project was set up in Toronto; again, working with a number of different missions.  In 1997 Steve, along with some high school students began working with Matha's Table, a 'restaurant' downtown Kingston.  In September 1998 we shifted our work over to St.Andrew's Special Meals Program.  Work with this program has continued until this day.

Steve has been leading a team of high school students with the Halloween Harvest Food drive since 1997, a project which was inherited from previous ISCF staff workers in Kingston.  The Harvest is rumored to have started back in 1992 or possibly even earlier.  This project has grown from a handful of ISCF students to a city wide event involving 7 to 8 churches.

Steve has sought to model a 4C approach (camp-campus-community-church), Steve is a member of Parish Council at his church, St. Thomas, and teaches Sunday School.  Steve is a member of the Kingston Red Cross Disaster Services Team, and as mentioned a program director at Camp IAWAH for it wilderness adventure program, Out There  As a student in both high school and university, Steve was involved in active Christian community on campus as well as his local church.

Steve has also been a youth speaker at a number of retreats and youth events, as well as coordinating many leadership training events for high school students.

September 5, 2007

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