Special Meals
@ St. Andrew's Presbyterian, 130 Clergy St. East

Since September 1998, a group of high school students have been hosting the soup kitchen at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.  In the beginning it was a group of ISCF students, and a second monthly dinner was hosted by the youth group of St. Andrew's, and then the ISCF slot welcomed student teams from a number of different Churches.  This year, again, we are hosting the last 2 Sunday's of the month.

Special Meals

What do you have to do?  Just show up and work!  Student teams are responsible for preparing the food, serving to the guests, and then clean up at the end.  You get a full hands-on experience.

We, as your hosts, are responsible for planning the meal, and purchasing groceries. It is great fun!!  We have a number of different meals in our repertoire: Shepard's Pie, Tomatoe Pasta Casserole, Beef Stroganoff, Chili, and other interesting creations served with fresh garlic bread.

If you are interested give us a call.

Teams arrive at 2:00 and are usually done by 6:30. 
The actual meal is served from 4:45-5:20.  Supper can be provided if you would like to stay and grab a bite.

St. Andrew's is at 130 Clergy St., on the corner of Clergy and Princess. 546-6316  Yes, the church across from Tim Horton's.

  • October 17 - Baypark
  • October 24 - Bayridge Alliance
  • November 21 - St. Andrew's Presbyterian
  • November 28 - St. James
  • December 19 - Bethel Church
  • December 26 - St. Thomas
  • February 6 - City Christian Centre
  • February 13 - Bath Road Baptist
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September 17, 2009