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Steve Tripp

steveSteve is an ORCA Level 2 Canoe Tripping Instructor, Level 2 Moving Water Instructor, Level 2 Lakewater Instructor and a Flatwater Instructor Trainer as well as a Red Cross Wilderness&Remote First-Aid, and Standard First-Aid instructor and is current with his NLS, and SRT-1.

In 2001 Steve started training guides for summer camps and in 2003 launched a small canoe instruction company,   Steve coordinated the out-tripping portion for the Leadership Training Program for Ontario Pioneer Camp, sending out over 100 people at a single time from 1997-2002, and in 2003 started the Out There program at Camp IAWAH.

Steve has paddled, the Moisie River, Mattagami, Petawawa, Dumoine, Noire, Coulonge, Madawaska, and the Spanish River as well as many creeks in the Kingston area

John Girardi
John has been paddling for years.  John is an Level 2 instructor in all three disciples of Canoeing in Ontario (Moving Water, Lakewater, and Canoe Tripping) classifying him as a Master Canoeist and Master Instructor!   John is also a Canoe Tripping Instructor Trainer.  John was on the the Board of Directors of ORCA for a number of years.

John has taught for boards of education, camps, private groups and clubs, as well as community groups, and individuals.

John's favorite river is the one he is on!  He has paddled rivers in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Colombia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

canoe tripping, moving water, river rescue...

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